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Why Can’t I Find A Guy Like This Ugh

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I’m Literally the Guy within the Pic, also called Why Can’t I Find a Guy Like This? On February twelfth, 2018, Twitter consumer @blackmidgetguy replied to a tweet asking “Why can’t I really have a guy like this for Valentine’s” with the message “I’m actually the man in the pic” . On July 16th, 2017, a screenshot of the trade was submitted to FunnyJunk by person rustledjimmie, the place it garnered more than 2,200 factors and a hundred comments over the following year. On February twenty third, Redditor Nick_1007 posted a photoshopped version of the unique change that includes a picture of Elon Musk to /r/DeepFriedMemes . On February twenty seventh, Redditor mrbonershark11 posted a “You Can’t See Me” variation of the picture . On July 18th, another screenshot reached the front web page of /r/CringeAnarchy, gathering upwards of 3,300 points and a hundred comments previous to being archived.

On December twenty first, 2014, Twitter person @reganslatic tweeted “Why cannot I find a guy like this ugh” adopted by a photo of a young man with hearts photoshopped by his head. On September 6th, 2016, Twitter consumer @McCartyConnor replied to the tweet with “hey,” @reganslatic replied with “no” and @McCartyConnor responded, “I’m literally the guy in the pic” .