Vegetarian protein diet menu

Vegetarian protein diet menu

The menu of a vegetarian protein diet for weight loss essentially excludes proteins of animal origin from your diet . But some products derived from animals are allowed. At the end of this vegetarian protein Tier 2 keto Reviews diet, it is necessary to have a balanced diet so that your weight can stabilize.

Let’s see here the menu of this vegetarian diet.

Sample menu of a vegetarian protein diet

The menu of the first day of your vegetarian protein diet:


  • 1 hot drink (tea or unsweetened coffee) • 150 milliliters of white cheese • 1 banana • Half a grapefruit


  • 400 ml of vegetable and mushroom soup (it is possible to season your soup with spices) • 1 slice of bread to accompany your soup.

Having dinner

  • Baked aubergines with a little fat.

If you follow the menus of the vegetarian diet to lose weight and you regularly practice a sport, you can reduce your weight in less than a week . As a precaution, do not hesitate to take the advice of a doctor before starting this diet. He will give you appropriate advice to better enjoy the benefits of food. This will ensure you a healthy slimming.

What is a vegetarian protein menu?

It is a menu that is essentially based on vegetables (vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc.).

Animal flesh is completely banned from your plate, which includes all meats, but also seafood and fish . On the other hand, animal by-products are allowed on your plate during the vegetarian protein diet.

So you can consume milk and dairy products , and the same goes for honey and eggs.

It is possible to opt for a vegetarian protein menu to lose weight healthily. It would also be possible to opt for this menu to reduce the risk of diabetes , diseases and cardiovascular. Thus, a vegetarian protein diet would have health benefits not to neglect.

A vegetarian protein menu for a healthy slimming

The vegetarian menu for slimming does not leave much room for improvisation, as a typical menu is developed for each day of your diet. In practice, this low-calorie menu that excludes meat from your diet often sees meat being replaced by certain foods. It is therefore important to know the best substitutes for meat in the vegetarian protein diet.

For example, seitan and tofu are excellent substitutes for meat. These protein-rich foods fit well with your weight loss diet. To cook them, buy them in dietary or organic stores.

What to do to avoid deficiencies

To avoid food deficiencies during a vegetarian protein diet, you must follow the essential principles. First of all, it is important to vary the composition of your menu of the day: a good vegetarian protein meal must at least contain vegetables, cereals, legumes and oleaginous products in small quantities.

We must focus on fresh fruits and vegetables in season for full of minerals and vitamins. Likewise, choose cereals Tier 2 keto that are complete with cereals that are refined: eat for example whole rice instead of white rice . You must therefore have a healthy vegetarian diet.

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