Vegetarian foods that will make you gain weight

Vegetarian foods that will make you gain weight

Meet vegetarian foods that will help you gain weight in a healthy way

It is clear that a person’s body modification is completely related to caloric expenditure and intake. When a person wants to maintain a constant body weight, what he has to do is match his caloric expenditure and his intake. But when a person wants to gain weight, what he has to do is that his intake exceeds caloric expenditure.

So, you are probably wondering now: “But how is caloric expenditure decreased or how is caloric intake increased?”

Well, the answer to that question is actually very simple, since all you have to do is consume more food and reduce your Sure Cleanse Keto physical activity. This is something very simple to do, but sometimes, especially in the case of vegetarians, it is no use eating more of the same, since this does not mean a considerable increase in caloric intake.

But if you also do not reduce caloric expenditure due to sports, or some changes are made in the food selection strategy, weight gain will be something really difficult.

What would be a good change of food selection strategy?

As you can imagine, what you have to do is select foods with more calories, although it is clear that without abandoning your vegetarian bases. To consume a larger amount of calories with the same amount of food, you will have to select foods that contain a higher percentage of energy nutrients, such as lipids and carbohydrates.

The following changes are an excellent option:

  • Nuts and legumes : Thanks to its low water content and high lipid content, nuts are an ideal food for caloric intake to be increased, without the need to ingest large amounts of these. As for legumes, the composition they have is very different from that of nuts, thanks to their high content of complex carbohydrates (50% to 60%) and proteins (20% to 25%), so they can be an excellent alternative at the time, especially combined with other foods that also have a good caloric index.
  • Fruits : One of the best fruits you can eat to gain weight would be avocado, since this fruit has a high fat content, so it can even quadruple the caloric content of the other fruits. You can add avocado to your salads or make a sauce with this fruit, which are very simple and healthy and help you increase energy. Another fruit that enjoys a high caloric content is coconut.
  • Oils : How will you know, oils are lipids that are liquid at room temperature. These are foods that have triglycerides exclusively in their composition, which gives them enormous caloric power.
  • Cereals : Cereals and their derivatives are an excellent alternative because they have a low water content and a high content of complex carbohydrates. Although you must bear in mind that the consumption of a wide variety of cereals with gluten can be somewhat controversial, which is why it is recommended to consume cereals without gluten such as corn and rice.
  • Tubers : Using this type of vegetables as potatoes ensures a high intake of complex carbohydrates (starch), although they have a high water content that is close to 80%, which makes them not as energetic as other foods we have Seen on this little list.

And what happens if you are lacto-ovo-vegetarian?

In the event that you are lacto-ovo-vegetarian or any of the possibilities, in addition to the foods mentioned above, you can also introduce butters, fatty cheeses, etc … Products that are derived from milk and have a high content caloric. We must take into account that the healing Sure Cleanse Keto Reviews process of a cheese adds an energetic concentration because the water content is reduced.

What should we take into account with vegetable proteins?

No matter what the diet of an athlete, a good protein intake is essential for you to develop a good sports practice. Well, in the case of vegetable proteins, it is necessary that combinations be made to obtain complete proteins. This can be achieved by combining a cereal with a legume or milk with cereal.

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