Top 5 exercises to strengthen the biceps

Top 5 exercises to strengthen the biceps

The biceps are particular muscles because they do not constitute the main muscle mass of the arm , but their anterior position Activate Keto makes them visible and they are therefore a major objective for amateur bodybuilders . Here are 5 effective exercises to strengthen the biceps …

The curl biceps at the bar

This is the classic bodybuilding exercise biceps that will gain strength and volume. It should be known that this movement can be done at the right bar or EZ bar , the latter to relieve wrists and facilitate movement.

The purpose of the exercise is not just to raise the bar . Care must be taken to keep a correct movement , avoiding swinging one’s elbows (from front to back). It is then necessary to concentrate on the contraction of the muscles and the quality of the movement .

The hammer curl

This exercise completes the first, making the arms look thicker with a more massive face. It also makes the forearms more powerful . This exercise is practiced with dumbbells , even if the gyms offer adapted bars.

The curl spider

This exercise is the one that best muscle biceps and is interesting in allowing to avoid cheating with the shoulders . It is carried out on a 45 degree inclined plane by putting the torso on the top of the bench and leaving the shoulders back and down.

Grab the bar, keep your elbows fixed and avoid back and forth movements, and focus on the contraction of your biceps . Only the forearms should move , as for all other curl movements.

The inclined curl

This exercise will result in maximum stretching of the biceps and it is therefore recommended to place it at the end of the weight training session . On a bench inclined at 45 degrees, take a pair of dumbbells and sit with the shoulders in the back position and keeping elbows fixed.

You will not gain strength in lifting these dumbbells but you will be able to concentrate on good muscular sensations .

The curl desk

This exercise is a movement of isolation of the biceps and the use of the desk will prevent you from cheating. The curl desk will cause maximum stretching of your biceps , but be careful not to make a full Activate Keto Reviews extension and risk muscle tearing with too heavy a load. The curl desk is practiced with dumbbells in general, but also with a straight bar or EZ.

In conclusion, the biceps exercises are quite numerous and each can be performed with one or more variants (tight grip, wide grip, pronation, supination, with a bench more or less inclined , with a straight bar or EZ ) . The 5 exercises above are essential because they are used in gym , but it’s up to you to find the ones that are best for you and that bring you the best results .

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