The Paleodieta? What is it? and how is it done?

The Paleodieta? What is it? and how is it done?

The paleodite is about eating like the caveman, but … Is this possible? Well, then we will deepen on what is the paleodiet.

You may have never heard of the Paleodieta , and this is because today in the world of food there is a wide variety of branches, of which each has its own reasoning and its specific way of seeing nutrition, as well as the benefits and detractors.

How will you be guessing by the name of the word, paleodite is about eating like the caveman, but … Is this possible? Well, then we will deepen on what is the paleodiet.

What is the Paleodieta

In a few words we can say that the Paleodieta defends and follows the way of feeding that the cavemen had in the Paleolithic period. The points to support this branch of food are:

We can start by saying that cavemen did not suffer from diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc …

The human genome changes much slower than our environment, so we can say that our body is still quite similar to that of cavemen.

By nature we are hunter-gatherers, leaving aside the ideology of vegetarians who ensure that man is not made to eat meat.

We must eat when we are hungry, drink when we are thirsty and increase libido. Simply put, give our body what it asks of us, instead of accustoming it or “educating” it to a certain way of life, we have to learn to listen to it.

Undoubtedly one of the main points in favor of the paleodiet is that it is a much more natural eating style. People who follow it, have to ensure that everything they consume must have grown without genetic modifications, pesticide intervention or alterations of any kind.

Simply put, you will have to eliminate the consumption of any sugary drink (soda), saturated fat, salt, sugar, etc … You can not consume anything that was not found in the Paleolithic era. That is why you can consume all kinds of berries, lean meats, eggs, fish, seafood, nuts and fruits.

Cons of Paleodieta

Because cereals, gloomy and milk are not consumed in this period, you will not be able to consume them. Although you can always make your own lifestyle and consume them, since they are very complete foods.

Unfortunately, it is very expensive and limiting. Where can you find animals that have been raised freely and fed with grass instead of feed? Go out to dinner?

The Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Navarra, Alfredo Martinez commented: “The way of feeding they had in the Paleolithic period was not healthier. They ate what they could, so they depended on hunting a mammoth or finding berries. In short, it was a more opportunistic diet. ”

Also, the coordinator of the obesity  Keto Trim 800 group of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition, Albert Lecube, said: “Although I admit that today’s society follows a diet with many negative points, returning 100,000 years ago is a complete aberration.”

Is the problem really the physical exercise?

Nowadays the diet of the world today has many drawbacks, which means that there is a large number of obesity in the world, but it has been concluded that in general this is not due to food being less healthy, but because Today’s man is increasingly sedentary, where he doesn’t exercise and in some cases he barely walks a few minutes a day.

Physical activity is extremely important for good health and good physique.


Undoubtedly, the message that the Paleodieta transmits is something admirable and has several points in favor, but the most ideal is that it adapts to a more sensible lifestyle. Since eliminating a large amount of food that did not exist in that period is not very rational, since many represent several health benefits and are considered as an advance in our nutrition.

Although stop consuming processed foods and that have gone through many industrial processes is a big point in favor, since these are accompanied by many health problems.

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