How to strengthen your back with the Lafay method?

How to strengthen your back with the Lafay method?

The Lafay method is now famous for its ability to get muscle very quickly . Your motivation, however, will partly determine the success of this program because it involves physical exercises. So do not be discouraged because the results will be at the rendezvous.

How can Lafay’s method help me develop my backbones?

First of all, know that you will not need to acquire material to put it into practice. You can of course do it, or go to the room to be guided in your step but it is not an obligation since this method is based on exercises called body weight.

The goal clearly aimed is obviously to lose weight but at the same time to tone the whole body, or a specific area to rebalance a silhouette for example. There is therefore a fat burning effect but also of sheathing of the whole upper body.

It concerns the dorsal but also the abdominals which are very solicited , for a flat belly quickly found!

Anyone can get started?

When it comes to intense physical sport such as bodybuilding, as is the case here, it is absolutely necessary to perform a level test and take a medical opinion before starting because it is unfortunately not accessible to everyone. world. A back problem or chronic joint pain can prevent the use of this method. So be careful.

It is also advisable to practice regular physical activity before trying because it is a bit rough for a beginner. The exercises demand indeed an adequate physical condition. For those who can, the result will not wait.

How to do ?

There is a book particularly detailed and informative on which you can rely but in general, you will chain movements such as the Roman chair or pull-ups. Each movement is repeated quickly and in series of 10, 25 or more.

The difficulty increases gradually. Ideally, you practice 30 minutes a day but you can also schedule three sessions per week (no less!). To be aware of the progress made, take the time to make snapshots before after. It is a support that proves a valuable help .

Alone or in the room, you can strengthen your back in just a few weeks thanks to the Lafay method which is just as suitable for a man as for a woman. So, it’s up to you!

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