How to remove blackheads?

How to remove blackheads?

Blackheads? We all hate them. Around the nose, on the chin or on the cheeks and forehead, these small excess of sebum that lodge Pure Reviva Derm  in our pores are difficult to remove. Grandma recipe, vacuum … Here are the solutions to get rid of it.

The blackheads or comedones are the nightmare of many of us. They form mainly around the nose but may appear on the T-zone as the forehead and the chin. To avoid damaging the skin, the ideal is not to grind them too much and use a natural method to extract them. Care side, we use soft cosmetics without alcohol and we adopt the enzymatic peels and scrubs without grains.

Black dots, what is it?

Blackheads are  pores subjected to excess of sebum of the skin (stress, hormones which get out of control) which finally become clogged and become black. If the pimples persist, you can call in a dermatologist or use homemade recipes.

How to avoid them?

Opt for skin cleansing morning and evening with a dermatological loaf by emphasizing the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and scrub twice a week to remove dead cells. On a daily basis, to limit the secretion of sebum, promote a healthy lifestyle by consuming fruits and vegetables and by limiting saturated fats, alcohol and tobacco. Another good reflex to adopt: never skip the make-up step. Clean your skin with a cleansing milk followed by a purifying lotion, then moisturize with a light and mattifying cream. If you have sensitive skin, prefer a makeup remover with a tissue and a micellar lotion without forgetting to apply a cream rich in soothing active ingredients.

How to remove blackheads naturally?

When a black dot appears, the first reflex is to want to squeeze it and fiddle with it. This is the last thing to do at the risk of forming a pimple or scar.

Grandma’s Recipe: The Clay Mask

In attack treatment, twice a week maximum, then once a week maximum … or only when you want to feel beautiful! Buy a pack of clay powder (supermarkets or failing organic shops).

Mix a few tablespoonfuls with water until you have a smooth dough. Apply the texture on the skin in regular layers to homogenize the drying. Remember to rinse just before the edges of the mask “pull”. Apply anywhere you need (face, shoulders, etc …) avoiding fragile areas of the eye and mouth (and caution also with the neck: do not hesitate to put a little thicker to prevent a drying too abrupt). There is no chemical problem, but the clay dries a little on the skin and fragile areas could wrinkle. Wait until the mask dries a little, 10-15 minutes to the maximum. Then rinse with warm water, thoroughly, until we do not feel the touch a little muddy mask.

  • Advantages : fast, easy, cheap, effective, no side effects, no addiction or violent reaction of the skin (the clay mechanically acts by absorbing the excess “fat”, simply), no chemical, no complicated treatment and binding.
  • Disadvantages  : clay is a rock, so a natural resource that is not inexhaustible: use it sensibly, knowing that our wastewater goes into the sewer.
  • Note : we can keep the mask in a jar without problem; the ideal recipe is to replace the water in the formula with a homemade infusion of bay leaf sauce (disinfectant). An excellent way is to apply it in its bath after the hot vapor has opened the pores.

How to remove points by pressure or extraction?

To eliminate them, it is necessary to begin by dilating the pores. For this, place your head covered with a towel over a bowl of hot water. Once the pores are dilated take a clean tissue and wrap it around your two index fingers. Then, pinch around the point to extract it. If it tends to sink narrower wider. Finally, empty it so that the filling process does not start again. Once the blackhead session is over, clean the areas that have been affected with an anti-bacterial lotion again. Small tips: watch your skin not to allow to grow a black dot: reached a certain size, the pore will never close and leave a crater always ready to fill as soon as the skin is oily; avoid over-penetrating shower gels that stimulate sebaceous secretions, and also avoid the tonics and alcoholic products that, if they dry and sanitize on the spot, cause long-term redness.

Comment enlever les points noirs ?

The blackhead vacuum cleaner, what is it?

A beauty tool that we see everywhere on the web that sucks all the impurities on the skin to unclog the pores manually. Far from being miraculous, it can be used from time to time to cleanse the epidermis but be careful not to use it too often, otherwise you will dilate the pores and then have small holes in your skin.


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