How to prepare good Gym Routines

How to prepare good Gym Routines

In the world of bodybuilding we can divide the gym routines into three large groups, these groups are volume routines, strength routines and definition routines, then we will clarify the particularities of each type of routines.

The volume gym routines

Volume routines, as the name implies, serve to gain muscle, that is, increase muscle volume .

This type of routines focus on a good execution of the technique, to prevent the auxiliary muscles from coming into Black Label X play and isolate the target muscle to the maximum, in addition relatively short rest times are performed, to generate some metabolic fatigue and congestion, summarizing:

  • High number of series
  • Medium-high number of repetitions
  • Good technique and slow cadences
  • Division for volume gym routines

For this type of routines we can use a split one, which is a muscle per day, a torso-legs, or a combination of both, giving us a greater frequency and allowing us to stimulate the muscle more times weekly.

Strength gym routines

These types of routines focus on improving the nervous system, that is, improving our ability to recruit muscle fibers , increasing the weight moved in the exercises. In this type of routines, repetition periodifications are usually used, etc … a low volume of exercises is also used, since the more exercises we use, the harder it will be to improve on them, and an explosive cadence is used since this allows us to recruit a greater number of fibers, in addition to improving performance, summarizing:

  • High number of series
  • Few exercises
  • Low-medium number of repetitions
  • Explosive cadencesGym Routines
  • Division for strength gym routines

For this type of routines we are interested in training as often as possible, while we recover, the same happens with training days, that is, we can train 4,5,6,7 times per week while we recover, although this I do not recommend it because a very good self-regulation is needed, so the best option is to train 4 days per week with a torso-leg scheme.

The definition gym routines

This type of routines combines a bit of volume routines with strength routines, some weekly workouts are used at low repetitions to add a good amount of tension to our muscles , and thus preserve muscle mass, while also adding some workouts to high repetitions with low rest times, in order to generate a good metabolic expenditure, increase the amount of lactate generated and increase the secretion of growth hormone.

Division for definition gym routines

For this type we can use for example a torso-legs, but with the peculiarity that one day of torso and another of legs will be days of strength, and the other two days would be hypertrophy / lactic.

And what do I do with cardio in gym routines?

Cardio is a very important weapon that should never be overlooked, in the case of volume routines , we are interested in maintaining it, but at a minimum, to keep the fat burning metabolic routes active and improve our recovery between sessions and series, We can use both low intensity cardio and high intensity cardio.

In the case of strength routines , we are interested in maintaining a certain volume of aerobic exercise, since the volume of strength routines itself is low, and we can gain more fat than normal since it is very  Black Label X Reviews easy to go over calories in In this case, with strength routines we must use low intensity cardio, since high intensity cardio will affect us at the CNS level and could decrease our performance with the lifts.

In the case of definition routines , cardio is basically mandatory, especially if we do not want to reduce calories too much and prefer to get more cardio. In this case we must combine both low intensity cardio and high intensity cardio, the best way to combine it is to put cardio at low intensity on lactic days and cardio at high intensity on strength days.

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