How to lose facial fat in a two by three

How to lose facial fat in a two by three

Are you thin but your face is somewhat swollen? It is not that you are overweight, apparently you have more accumulated fat in this area of ​​your body. But how to reduce measures in this area? Pay attention.

First of all we must know the reasons why we can have the appearance of a face with fat. Many times it is due to a True Keto Boost Side Effects deteriorated health condition, so it will require an adequate diet to solve this problem. Let’s know other causes:

  1. Dehydration

When you don’t drink enough water, your body retains fluids in your body under fear of running out of it. The face is one of the most affected parts. Therefore it could look swollen. The best practice in these cases is to drink more water.

  1. Vitamin deficiency

When you do not have a balanced diet (with minerals and vitamins included) you can have a swollen face and if we add that you eat too many carbohydrates, fatty foods and drinks with lots of sugar and dehydrates (coffee and tea ) The results can be daunting. For this it is important to eat well and healthy.

  1. For alcohol consumption

By ingesting any type of alcohol, your body interprets it as a lack of water. However, your body cannot recognize the need due to the effects of alcohol. When dehydrating your body stores as much water as possible, also placing it on the face. Stop drinking is a good alternative for swelling of the face.

  1. For medical conditions

Diseases such as hypothyroidism, kidney diseases, sinusitis, allergies, and other body conditions are also responsible for a swollen face. To avoid this, just consult your trusted doctor to receive proper treatment.

  1. For aging

Even if you don’t believe it, aging not only affects our body with wrinkles and sagging skin, it can also alter our face and swell it. To give a solution to this inevitable problem you just have to do some appropriate facial exercises.

Taking into account the causes of facial swelling, it can be determined if we can follow a balanced diet or if we start with the exercises for the face.


When we talk about food you should always keep in your diet, drink plenty of water (at least 1.5 liters a day). Also eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that will help detoxify your body and your liver to metabolize excessive fat.

It also minimizes your salt intake. Eat more calcium-rich foods like spinach and other green vegetables. Reduce your consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks, as well as tea and coffee. Also eat less hydrates and processed foods.


When we talk about exercises to True Keto Boost reduce cheek fat, we must have serious discipline and try to develop them daily, at least 30 minutes a day. For this you can perform exercises such as moving your jaws, smiling with your lips closed, smiling with fish lips, blowing the air and doing “O” with your mouth.

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