Fit It ‘: a complete program to lose weight?

Fit It ‘: a complete program to lose weight?

This method that is so much talked about provides valuable dietary advice in addition to a range of physical exercises to practice daily. By combining these two fundamental aspects, yes, it is indeed an effective slimming guide!

Fit It ‘: presentation of the program

Sébastien Hirsch is a sports coach who has chosen to specialize in fitness . He is the founder of Fit It ‘. If you follow his guide and his advice, you will be led to review two parts of your daily life: your diet and your sedentary habits that you will trade for daily sport.

In practice, the circuit training of Fit It ‘mixes a little bodybuilding and a little fitness . Not to mention a touch of crossfit. This is a Ultra Keto Fuel fast and effective sequence for thirty minutes every day for 12 weeks.

On your plate, it’s more about correcting some common mistakes than actually rationing or revolutionizing your diet.

What are the exercises planned with Fit It ‘?

It is a question of alternating several series of movements of the abdominal type , glutes, sheathing and many others. It is also recommended to have the green light of your doctor in case of doubt!

What result can I expect?

The results are, if you stay strictly faithful to the instructions, amazing. Take your measurements on the first and last day. The gap should pleasantly surprise you.

We are talking here of measurement and not of weighing because with an intense physical activity , you will take muscle at the same time as you lose weight, which can distort the numbers on the scale since the muscle is very heavy. After twelve weeks, you will have a brand new line!

Is this program alone enough to lose weight?

As a subtle alliance between a healthy and balanced diet and intense athletic training, Fit It is self-sufficient. The weight loss is real . Note however that you will take back the gummed pounds if you resume all your bad habits at the end of the session. Take this opportunity to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle!

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