Essential oils to combat sport-related aches and pains?

Essential oils to combat sport-related aches and pains?

In terms of natural remedy , the use of essential oils is an effective solution to cure lumbago s that may occur after sport.

Many HEs have anti-inflammatory, vasodilating, analgesic properties …, making them formidable treatments against muscle pain resulting from an intense workout.

Benefits of essential oils on aching muscles

The essential oils used to treat muscle pain are used for their analgesic properties targeting ligaments, joints and muscles.

Also anti-inflammatory, their ability to warm the muscle strengthens their ability to quickly relieve joint or muscle pain. We talk about HE wintering scent, juniper or helichrysum.

So which ones to choose? Being at the same time anti-pain, anti-inflammatory and warming, the fragrant wintergreen essential oil is positioned as the best ally of the sportsmen who draw in their aromatherapy care anti-aches . This does not detract from others their effectiveness to fight aches.

A dreadful HE against aches: the fragrant wintergreen

Whether the aches affect the back, the arms or the legs, the honeycomb EO is as effective for calming muscle pain. How to enjoy its benefits? The oil is used both in massage and bath . In synergy with other vegetable and essential oils, it can be prepared in different ways.

Here is an example of a self-massage oil recipe based on sweetgum wintergreen HE.

In a bottle:

  • 90 drops of fragrant wintergreen
  • 30 drops of juniper HE
  • 50 ml vegetable oil of Calophylle Inophylle.

In bath:

Add 2 or 3 drops of Peppermint EO and the same amount of Wintergreen EO to relieve your sore muscles. Whether it’s the fragrant gaultherie HE or helichrysum, many people have become accustomed to adding a few drops in their arnica gel to treat their body aches.

Essential oils to prevent aches

It should be known that anti-muscle soreness with essential oils can be done before or after the effort . Before physical activity, you can do massages with the following oils.

Mix vigorously in a bottle 30 drops of rosemary HE , 50 drops of juniper HE, 50 drops of lemongrass HE , 50 drops of wintergreen and 100 ml of St. John’s wort vegetable oil . This preparation can be used to be massaged before and after any training, especially when it is planned to increase your efforts.

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