Does giving blood make you lose weight?

Does giving blood make you lose weight?

We sometimes hear that giving blood makes you lose weight, but is that verified? What are the conditions to do it and is it bad or good for health ? Here is some information to see more clearly.

Donating blood does not make you lose weight

If you think giving blood can help with weight loss , this is false information . When you have blood drawn, the Slimphoria Keto calories in it will be immediately recovered. For half a liter of donated blood, 650 calories escape from your body. Do you feel tired and hungry after the sample? This is completely normal !

As if you had not eaten, your body is weaker, and it is necessary to have a good snack right after, and to recover the calories lost. In addition, faced with this dangerous idea that donating blood could make you lose weight, the nurses are extremely vigilant, and do not allow you to repeat the operation every week, far from it.

The minimum frequency is to donate every eight weeks, 6 times a year for men and 4 times a year for women.

Blood donation while on a diet, a good idea?

There is a weight limit below which one cannot donate blood, 50 kg, and it is necessary to be in good health to do so. The minimum age is 18 years old . If you follow a particular diet , a priori there is no contraindication for blood donation.

On the other hand, plan to be tired and twist your slimming program : after a blood test, offer yourself a good balanced meal, and do not stop eating sugar for fear of getting fat, your body needs it.

Do not come on an empty stomach but eat normally before, especially if it is hot and it is summer . Above all, follow the advice given to you on site and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any concerns.

The other contraindications and the procedure

After pregnancy , you have to wait a while to donate your blood. Six months are required after childbirth . If you are pregnant, you will not be allowed either. You must not have had surgery in the past four months and not taken antibiotics the two weeks before. How does a blood donation work and why ?

Note that the amount of blood collected is around 450 ml. You must count 45 minutes on site, the time for an interview and a rest phase. The sample itself lasts only 10 minutes.

Once finished, your blood, depending on your blood group and your rhesus, will undoubtedly be able to treat SlimPhoria Keto Reviews patients or even save lives. Even if this act does not make you lose weight, it is extremely important for the medical world that you participate in it . It’s safe and free: all you have to do is go!

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