Digestion and sport: what links?

Digestion and sport: what links?

Digestion and sport absorb a lot of energy . Allowing you to stay in good health, physical activity can facilitate digestion, provided you exercise in good conditions.

Does sport help better digestion?

Practiced gently, physical activity helps the digestive system to function better by working the abdominals and passing stool. It helps tighten the intestinal muscles, thus promoting the assimilation of nutrients.

Sport provides the body with oxygen, Rapid Fast Keto Boost making relaxation easier. In this condition, the body works better by stimulating transit . Be aware that stress can make digestion difficult, as can a sedentary lifestyle which can lead to constipation.

Combining sport and digestion: advice and recommendations

Right after a meal, you must spare the body which is tired. It needs energy to brew and assimilate food. Too much physical activity can interfere with this process.

Without hurting the body, work the abs with slow, easy activity such as walking . It ensures a digestive walk. Prefer the stairs to the elevator. A simple round of the block is beneficial. As a gentle sport, you have swimming, biking … Combine business with pleasure while gardening, excellent for the abs.

It is nevertheless essential to practice a sporting activity at least 30 minutes a day . However, if you have digestive problems, some symptoms may be incompatible with strenuous physical activity.

What to eat before sport?

To have a healthy and balanced diet , take time to eat breakfast. Pay attention to digest well before playing sports. A certain sports nutrition chrono must be respected . For better endurance, the stomach should be more empty than full. When digestion and physical activity are practiced simultaneously, they compete.

Always exercise 3 hours after the last meal. Juggle effectively between meal times and the time you choose to exercise. For any sportsman, the choice of food is crucial.

If your day starts with jogging or swimming , choose a hot drink (tea or coffee) associated with a fruit (banana for example) and a large glass of water to hydrate.

In the morning, choose a full breakfast with cereals or bread, to be taken with a dairy product, fruit juice and a hot drink.

For lunch and dinner, choose dishes rich in slow carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids. Stock up on vitamins. Rapid Fast Keto Boost Reviews Bet on raw vegetables , lean meat such as fish or chicken accompanied by starchy foods. And for dessert, choose fruit.

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