Cristiano Ronaldo: the secrets of his incredible bodybuilding

Cristiano Ronaldo: the secrets of his incredible bodybuilding

When one observes certain celebrities and / or athletes, it is not uncommon for one to lose oneself dreaming of sporting a similar musculature. Take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, what is his secret? In fact, we should say “his secrets” because, indeed, to maintain a musculature of dreams, the famous footballer has set up a whole program! Discover it without delay.

Swimming, a must for Cristiano!

With a perfect ratio between his height and his weight, the Portuguese shows off his flawless athlete’s body that he owes to a regular training.

Indeed, his training is based on a well-oiled routine. Starting with long swimming sessions . After each game, he reserves long time to swim in cold water. Its lengths are then followed by massages by jets of hot water.

This has a specific purpose: to repair and tone intensively all his muscles . The least we can say is that it works!

His absolute priority? Good hydration of course!

On a daily basis, in training and, even more, during his matches, Cristiano Ronaldo is permanently hydrated. It is a healthy habit that we should all apply, regardless of our level because good hydration can Ketogeniks Keto prevent many injuries . Beyond that, it also allows the muscles to work better and, at the same time, to develop better! Hydration will also eliminate any risk of water retention and help to eliminate unwanted pounds.

Football and swimming are not his only activities

Indeed, outside the field and pools, Cristiano spends a lot of time indoors where he practices with a flawless discipline. Abs, pecs, biceps, he does not forget to work the top of his body , as much as his legs. By dint of work, he has thus carved a perfect figure that he intends to keep well throughout his career!

A controlled diet

The footballer obviously follows a diet adapted to his physical activity rate . It is an essential step which must bring to the body all that it needs to be at its best!

Swimming, hydration, workout, nutrition … Taking care of your physical condition is anything but an egocentric fad, this is what led the five-time gold medalist and reigning European champion with the Portuguese selection to the highest levels. higher.

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