Are tagada strawberries to ban during a diet?

Are tagada strawberries to ban during a diet?

During a diet, it is obvious that you want to avoid all foods that can make you gain weight. Exit foods too rich in sugars and too fat.

Fondant, red on the outside and white on the inside, the tagada strawberry is one of those typical sweets that we love so much and whose origin is very old.

Know that on average, 7 strawberries Tagada equivalent to 100 calories . Like any self-respecting candy, tagada strawberries are especially caloric. They should be avoided during your diet.

Tagada strawberries: nutritional value and calories

Consisting of gelatin and manufacturing EvoElite Keto Reviews rather chemical, strawberry tagada is a small sweet pleasure that we like a lot . However, it is clear that this candy is not good at all for our line.

Of composition particularly rich in sugars and carbohydrates bad for the health and the line , to consume or to abuse is necessarily harmful, especially if you enter a diet. Its nutritional value is particularly rich in kcal and will not bring you the nutrients you need every day.

If you can at the limit eat a really occasionally, it should not be abused. Tagada strawberries should be avoided as much as possible, as any candy, during your diet. Prefer real strawberries, fruits particularly good for your health.

Homemade strawberry recipe tagada


– 10 g of gelatin in sachet – 3 drops of organic strawberry flavor preferably – 2 egg whites – 4 cl of water – 200 g of caster sugar (choose sweetener if you are on a diet) – 25 g of glucose – 3 drops of red dye


– Dissolve the gelatin and put the whites in snow – Prepare your syrup and put it to heat for 5 minutes – Incorporate your syrup with the egg white and beat it all – Incorporate your gelatin and integrate the aroma, then the dye – Sprinkle with sweetener – Spread small balls of marshmallows on the previously sprinkled plate and let cool for about half an hour in the refrigerator

This recipe is perfect for a vegan Evo Elite Keto diet and can be prepared with a thermomix or cookeo . Without gluten , this preparation has a pronounced taste . You can fit it in a cake, ice cream and other ingredients. Tagada strawberries also go well with milk.

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