All about the Split Routine training program

All about the Split Routine training program

There are basically two types of bodybuilding workouts: the so-called full body workout program, the whole body workout program, and the split routine workout that allows you to work every part Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS of your body separated. But what exactly is the split routine? And what are its advantages?

In-depth and intense work

The split routine consists of giving priority to one or two specific muscle groups for each training, in order to develop them by devoting more time.

One of the main advantages of this method lies in being able to work the selected muscle in a more complete way by working it from all angles. Each muscle is trained with more volume and more intense.

Another advantage of this method is to facilitate recovery by alternating the muscles that one works. Unlike the more classic full body method that makes every muscle work in every workout the split routine allows you to train more often because the muscles are alternately stressed.

A method adapted to the most experienced

Whether you are a man or a woman, split routine is best for more experienced practitioners who want to develop specific parts of their body such as shoulders, upper body or legs. The particular attention paid to each muscle makes it possible to gain in volume and in mass by making work specific muscle groups.

This method gives everyone the opportunity to focus on the less developed parts of their body . However, it is important to know how to dose one’s efforts in order not to force too much the muscles that one works. Avoid working the same part of your body for two days so you do not risk injury by tiring your muscles and joints too much. You must listen to your body when you practice the split routine because it is a demanding and challenging method for the muscles.

Some examples of Split Routine training?

Here is an example of a split routine that you can do 3 times a week:

Day 1: legs and abs Day 2: rest Day 3: back and biceps Day 4: rest Day 5: bust, shoulders and triceps Day 6: rest Day 7: rest

Of course, this is not the only combination possible but It is better to work a large muscle group and a smaller one in the same session so as not to overly stress your body and risk the injury. So you can also do sessions distributed this way:

Day 1: pecs and triceps Day 2: rest Day 3: legs and abs Day 4: rest Day 5: back, shoulders and biceps Day 6: rest Jour 7: less developed muscles and abs

There are many exercises adapted to each part of the body, which you can practice with equipment ( dumbbells , pulleys ..) Balanced Max Keto but also without equipment ( pumps , squat, abdominal exercises …). Nothing prevents you from alternating a routine split training program with a full workout, provided you let your body rest one or two days.

The important thing is to take pleasure in training and knowing how to listen to your body. Not to mention healthy and balanced nutrition , especially if you are looking for weight loss.

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