7 ways to keep relationships hot

7 ways to keep relationships hot

Are you afraid your couple will cool down? Here are 7 ways to keep hot relationships.

After the excitement of the first meeting and the nights of madness, weariness and everyday life quickly take up too much space. To avoid the hustle and bustle there is not necessarily need to experience all of Kamasutra …

1 – Play with it

Boosting your dopamine out of the room pays dividends under the duvet! “Your brain differentiates the anxiety in a new situation from that emerging from the first-time attraction,” says Victoria Zdrok, Playboy psychologist and counselor. “An emotion outside can have consequences when you’re at home,” she adds.

The best way  to increase anxiety without causing “cardiac arrest”? Put it in competition. Participate in team game nights and compete against others together. This will strengthen your communication and your common sense of cooperation which are the two essential keys to good sex.

2 – Cultivate memories

Returning to the hotel room where you lived such a good time three months ago is not nostalgic. On the contrary, memories of pleasant moments stimulate the hormone called norepinephrine which allows the brain to associate positive feelings and memories. “So you will wake up her passion and intensify her sensitivity,” says sex therapist Laura Berman, head of a clinic in Chicago.

Brain activity  is very sensitive to the context. Smells, music, texture, food, all these elements can play a role in reaching orgasm through the memories associated with it.

3 – Learn the lesson from work

Although you do not necessarily Zylophin Rx want to be the perfect monogamist, research shows that one is very attached to colleagues because of oxytocin. This hormone fights stress and increases the sense of relationship. The lesson is clear: make sure that your oxytocin levels increase and your companion will be taped to you.

Physical contact  (cuddling) and massage are both triggers. After the coitus enjoy and take care of her. Lay it down on your stomach and slowly roll up your hands along each side of the spine, Dr. Linda Banner advises. When you reach his shoulders and neck, oxytocin will be secreted to the maximum.

4 – Let her direct you

Become his sex toy and you will see that it pays. A University of Michigan study has shown that women’s dopamine increases only when they control sexual intercourse. Attention, the sexual therapist Gloria Brame advises not to be mistaken: “it is not necessary that she has the impression that it is for your  pleasure  that the roles are reversed”.

Instead of taking the risk  of making a fatal mistake, invent a scenario in which she has control of the situation. The favorite fantasy of women? The teacher and the student, the nurse and the patient.

5 – Transform yourself into a stranger

Reinvent your life outside the bedroom and you could refresh his passion. According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we keep a kind of neurological record of people we know. ”  We reorganize our patterns when we meet someone we’ve seen with other people,  ” says William Pollack professor of psychiatry at Harvard University.

”  If she sees you differently, she will discover other aspects of your personality. It will stimulate his neurotransmitters and his attraction,  “he adds. Take her to dinner with friends she does not know, it will make him want to re-study your case.

6 – Change your position

Learning new sexual positions is a way of trying to find new sources of pleasure. ”  Anything new or exciting increases the level of dopamine in your brain,  ” says anthropologist Helen Fisher.

7 – Remember virginity

Remember your debut! “If you’ve learned how to give him pleasure, that’s no reason to forget the preliminaries and all that thrills you,” says Debbie Herberick, a consultant with Men’s Health.

Do not have any reports for three days . Then spend a night dressed all in bed as if you were teenagers. Then wait two days and caress all parts of the body except sex. Stay calm again for two days and repeat the same touching by replacing your fingers with your lips. Your dopamine and testosterone will skyrocket and … Let’s guess what’s next.

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