18 Tips To Improve Your Training Performance !

18 Tips To Improve Your Training Performance !

In this article, we will present to you 20 tips that will greatly improve your performance in your workouts, read carefully and get ready to reach your goals much faster.

1 – Identify exercises that hurt and exclude them from training. Just because everyone speaks well of an exercise does not mean that it is good for you. Never ignore minor pains that always occur in the same exercises, this only tends to get worse as the load increases and may drive you away from the gym in the future (sometimes, definitely).

2 – Have a clear and definite goal. You will not gain 20kg of muscle mass, lose 10kg of fat and beat your strength record in major exercises all at the same time. Choose just one goal and stick to it.

3 – Don’t be afraid to be “tweaked” if you’re having results like this. They say that if you have no intention of competing professionally, you do not have to take training and diet to the extreme. I say that each one is willing to sacrifice whatever he wants to get what he wants; You must make that choice, not the others.

4 – Cargo progress is critical. It’s possible to be strong without being big, but you’ll hardly see a big guy who isn’t strong.

5 – Never skip the heating. If you’re in a hurry, do a shorter workout, but never save time by skipping the warm-up.

6 – No need to be tweaked with the heating either. With the mobility and functional training fad, some spend more time preparing to train than training.

7 – Always tighten the bar when doing exercises. Trying to crush the bar with your hands during exercise ensures greater muscle activation and firmness during movement (this translates into more strength and fewer injuries).

8 – Vary the training by doing back exercises with “fat” bars or with fat gripz. This will improve grip strength and forearm development in the exercises. It also relieves some stress on the elbows and shoulders.

9 – Do some kind of activity daily. Even if you only train 3 or 4 days a week, try doing something active for the remaining days. Low intensity activities are great for aiding muscle recovery.

10 – Do not train for more than an hour. While you won’t lose all muscle mass by doing a workout that lasts a little over an hour, you are only doing harm by staying longer than necessary at the gym.

11 – Learn to listen to the body. If you are not feeling well, it may not be a good idea to train hard today. Sometimes all the body needs is an extra day’s rest (it’s worth remembering that “not feeling well” is different from being lazy to train, which is not the case here).

12 – Take good care of your knees and shoulders. These are the worst joints to injure in training. Take good care of them and you will have a long life inside the gym.

13 – Don’t waste time doing traditional aerobics. Traditional  aerobics will only make you good at doing  more traditional aerobics. High intensity, short duration aerobics like HIIT will make you lose fat, get faster, explosive and have more muscle mass.

14 – Sleep early. Prevent useless activities like wandering aimlessly across the Facebook timeline from keeping you from sleeping early. Your muscle mass thanks you.

15 – Eliminate refined sugar consumption from the diet. Refined sugar can bring a multitude of health hazards with the only positive being the convenience of sweetening foods and beverages. If your goal is to achieve a healthy and harmonious physique, it is past time to eliminate this “food” from the diet.

16 – Do not waste money on useless supplements. If supplementation is one of the most expensive things in your routine, you are probably toasting money on things you don’t need. Diet> Training> Rest> Supplements

17 – Do not be consumed by the detail. Stop thinking and analyzing all the tiny details of your workout, diet and supplementation. It’s more important that you have a good base and be running it daily (rain or shine) than worrying about the smallest details that would only make a difference if you were an elite competitor.

Never leave a new routine in less than a week. It is very common to start a new workout and IMMEDIATELY find that it is not effective, but by eliminating it early you may be discarding the best workout of your life. Don’t trust your mind when it comes to practice effectiveness, trust the mirror and the loads you are lifting week by week.

Never hate or envy anyone. This consumes a lot of mental energy that could be used in your own development.

18 – Cut off relationships with negative people. Negative people will drag you into a black hole of pessimism and make you doubt your own ability. No matter how close the negative person is to you, cut relationships and you will see how all areas of your life will improve.

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