10 Universal Rules for Building Muscles by BEN PAKULSKI !

10 Universal Rules for Building Muscles by BEN PAKULSKI !

There are several tricks and secrets in bodybuilding, but there are things that just use common sense and logic, that we get great gains. Everyone knows that B. Pakulski is a great scientist and bodybuilder… So we bring more GREAT quality material to all readers of the blog. And let’s go to the article!

“We all know that I’m a fan of good and right execution. I always do my best to explain, YES, there is a right way to do things! This does not necessarily mean that the other forms are wrong … just not as efficient and effective.

Universal rules for building muscle:

1- A muscle is weaker at its extremes of its range. So learn to isolate these points from the force curve and make them stronger. As a result, you will get stronger in the middle of the range and GROWTH WILL OCCUR.

2-Always try to work a muscle in its full range, in its full range of motion, this may not be possible in just ONE exercise, but it is always possible within an entire workout.

3- Muscles do not recognize the weight! Muscles recognize TENSION! Increase tension, increase growth!


5- ALWAYS START with the target muscle! (If you are training your deltoids, the first move should come from the deltoids, not from another muscle or using too much rocking!)

6- CONTROL under all stages of contraction is mandatory. A negative (eccentric) repetition must be under this conscious control that you can change direction at any point in the range, and start back again (concentric).

7-Larger muscles require more stimulation to reach exhaustion. But they also take longer to recover between workouts.

8- KNOW which muscles are fast twitch and which are the slowest twitch! This will ALWAYS affect the approach you use to training that muscle.

9- Work with a variety of repetition amplitudes in each workout. Different types of amplitudes will allow you to vary your TST (Time Under Stress), and make sure you are training all types of fibers.

10- Tighten your muscles as if you want to get juice from them!

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